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First and foremost, TF cares about the environment; urban forests, rural lands, the communities they live in and their fellow citizens. Founded in 1989 in Marion, Iowa TF continues today to connect people to the environment through the planting and caring of trees, prairie, and other natural areas. It is their mission to plant and care for trees across the nation. They provide hands-on involvement to help local communities complete tree-planting projects. They assist these communities with the technical, planning, and financial aspects of these projects. Trees Forever believes in planting a better tomorrow by being a positive contributor to our planets health today. 

ps: to date they have planted more than 3 million trees and shrubs! 



Their vision is to create a world where every child grows up playing outdoors. Their mission is to nurture kids by empowering their caregivers. Their goal is to connect both kids and adults to nature, culture, and each other through unstructured outdoor activities. FFS reminds us of the importance of growing up with a connection to nature. Moreover, they are committed to helping people of all backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and those of marginalized minor communities believing that we all benefit from outdoor play in nature. 



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