A sweet escape from quarantine to our favorite spots in Provence!

Are you in quarantine and wish to enjoy a moment away from everything else? Here is a selection of the team's favorite spots in Provence!
Les routes de la lavande
Lavender has been known as a healing and soothing remedy since antiquity and is cultivated for its essential oil, used in cosmetics and aromatherapy.
Now a symbol of Provence, lavender fields are very popular amongst tourists, mesmerized the endless and etheral landscapes.
Although lavender fields are available for tourists to visit all year-round, it is best to come in the summer as lavender starts blooming in June.
Some food for thought for post-quarantine vacation!
The Luberon villages

The Luberon villages are either perched or built up against the mountains of Luberon and Monts de Vaucluse. All around the villages, one can see olive trees, vineyards, the Mediterranean forest or orchards. Each view is unique and offers a panorama on one of the most famous mountains of southern France: the Luberon, the Mont Ventoux, the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Alpilles, sometimes even the Ste Victoire!


Aix-en-Provence is dear to the Mademoiselle Provence team for it is where Chloé used to spend her summer breaks and where Ines, our intern, comes from! It is protected by the Montagne Ste Victoire which rises to 1,011m. Aix is surrounded by a countryside full of authentic Provencal houses and traditional French style gardens. Aix was the inspiration to many of the greatest writers and painters : Guigou, Stendhal, Mistral, Zola, and Cézanne. As a city of art and culture Aix possesses a wealth of superbe architecture that has been carefully preserved and restored!


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