Emily in Paris... or should we say Vanessa in Provence!

If you have yet to see the adorable Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, consider yourself warned as there may be some spoilers!

The first season features 10 short and sweet episodes following Emily, an American marketing and social media specialist, and her adventure through moving to Paris, helping a French marketing company gain an American touch, and dealing with romantic drama — ooh la la!

Immediately while watching the show, we realized we had our very own Emily, but her name is Vanessa and she’s working with Provence, not Paris — nonetheless still very much a French company. Keep reading to see how we compare Vanessa and Emily’s experience and what we find to be true (or false)! 

  • ‘A Nose’ is another word for perfumer - True!
  • Emily is introduced to ‘The Nose’ of a high-end perfume brand. She quickly commented on the physical appearance of the man’s nose; praising it for its symmetry. The French people laughed and explained that one who is referred to as ‘The Nose’ simply means they are the expert perfumer. Vanessa had a similar experience while updating our ‘about us’ text on Amazon. Our master perfumer was referred to as ‘the nose’ and Vanessa posed a similar silly, yet adorable question about the meaning behind it.

  • Heels every day - False
  • It is easily noticed that all of the women in this series are always dressed up. More specifically though, they are almost always in heels. That is most definitely not the case. During the first couple days on the job, Vanessa walked in with some sort of heels… After some time she quickly realized that we most definitely love our flats and sneakers. 

  • The first floor is actually the second floor - True!
  • You find Emily trying to get into her 5th floor apartment on what the French would consider the 4th floor. This, of course, is how she finds her French romance. On our end, in the Miami office, Chloe was spared the awkward encounters because we’re blessed with an elevator. Vanessa on the other hand, didn’t have to think twice about this cultural difference.

  • The French youth are stocked with couture bags, get invited to all the big parties, and are friends with important executives - False
  • Although watching Emily and her friends be surrounded by lavish French couture, invited to top-of-the-line events, and friendly with the executive elite is extremely fun and exciting -- it simply isn’t true. That sort of respect and status are not easily earned and comes with time. Since Vanessa is helping out the Miami office, she hasn’t had the chance to first-hand experience this but we can for sure tell you to not expect it in France. 

  • Croissants are better in France - True! 
  • But we didn’t have to tell you that, did we? Although Vanessa is in the Miami office, she will also attest to this fact because she has visited France before and absolutely adored her croissant experience!

  • French people are super nice, welcoming, and considerate - eh, half & half
  • It is unfair to generalize the people of an entire country, however, it is hard to believe that a young French woman would go out of her way to help an American purchase flowers. Emily was at a local flower market and asked for the most beautiful bouquet she saw. The attendant refused to sell her those flowers and told her she could buy another, less beautiful, bouquet. Out of nowhere, a young French woman, Camille, came in to save the day. She insisted that the attendant allow Emily buy what she had asked for... 

    We believe that the attendants attitude resonants more true than Camilles’, however, you cannot overgeneralize because Vanessa herself said ‘Chloe, Helene, and Nurgul have to be some of the most helpful and kind women I’ve ever met!’ 

    Ergo, don’t get your hopes up but also don’t be too surprised when a French person decides to treat you with kindness! 

  • France offers some of the world’s best beauty products - True
  • We may be biased, but it most definitely is true. 



    Hope you enjoyed our comparison and fact check. If you have any questions or comments about what we’ve said please feel free to comment or DM us on our instagram! 


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