Hand Creams, Hand Creams, Hand Creams - OH MY!

How have your hands been feeling after excessively applying hand sanitizer this past year? Dry? Cracked? Sad? Yeah, ours too. 
We thought it might be a great time to tell you a little more about our hand creams, when’s the best time to apply, and how to! 
First and foremost, you should apply hand cream after washing your hands, taking a shower, applying hand sanitizer, waking up, and before you go to bed. Making sure to be consistent with your hand cream will ensure nourished hands and soft skin. Not to mention - applying hand cream also helps against the early onset of wrinkles in your hands. It’s a win-win.
Secondly, when applying hand cream, make sure to squeeze ⅔ penny-sized circle of product in your hands and massage thoroughly from each fingertip to the base of your wrist. Don’t forget in-between your fingers, too! We recommend a thorough hand to hand massage for at least 15 seconds to achieve the best results. 
Lastly, in a nutshell - what is the main difference between all of our hand creams? 
  • Rose & Peony
    • Made to Illuminate and Smoothen.
  • Almond & Orange Blossom
    • Made for Sensitive Skin and Dehydrated skin.
  • Lavender & Angelica 
    • Made to Relax and Soothe. 
  • Lemon & Verbena 
    • Made to Invigorate and Revitalize.  
On the other hand, our hand creams have a lot in common.
They are all plant-based, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and made-in-France. 
All are made WITHOUT sulfates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, EDTA, silicone, paraffin, petrolatum,  or synthetic dyes.
All have the quality of French expertise and none of the bad stuff!
Hope this helps.
Les Femmes de Mademoiselle Provence
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