Happy Earth Day! & Congrats to...

Happy Happy Earth Day!


What a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate this big blue and green planet. Although we should celebrate Mother Earth every single day, we’d like to invite you to take a minute, step-back, and be conscientious of how much our world has sacrificed for us. Now, we ask you to be thankful and to do something today to thank Mother Earth for everything that she does.

Whether it’s planting a tree, picking up some trash, or watering your neighbors plants do something with Mother Earth in mind and we will all reap the benefits. 

Now we challenge you to do one conscientiously great thing for our planet each day this week, if you like challenges, go for a month (or year). Recycle, compost, pick up trash from the floor, go clean up your local beach or park, bring your own grocery bag to the store - every little thing counts! 

In other news, we’d like to thank everyone who has participated in voting on which non-profit organization we should donate to as a member of 1% for the Planet. Upon registration we have promised to donate 1% of sales every year to a charity of our choice. For our first year, we decided to get you involved. After 7 days of voting we are proud to announce the winner:

Trees Forever! It’s an honor to support such an amazing organization and we hope that this gift helps them continue in their mission of helping our environment. 


We’re incredibly happy to be able to give back and are looking for even more ways to participate in the betterment of our planet. One of our goals this year is to work on our packaging and make it more sustainable. We’re excited to share it with you all soon… and in the meantime if you have any ideas or suggestions our DM’s are open!


Once again - thank you all for your participation and we hope you have a wonderful #EarthDay!  


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