Let us give a warm welcome to Ines, our new assistant!

Mademoiselle Provence is getting bigger everyday and that means... we are in need of new people! That is why we hired a new intern to work with us! 🥳

Her name is Ines and she has joined the team in January. She works in our Paris offices, next to Helene. Our new "mademoiselle" loves cosmetics and she loves testing new products to make sure we will be able to offer you the most efficient and well-designed formulas! 🤤

She comes from the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence, a well-known city in the South of France, ideally located next to big cities such as Marseilles and Nice.

Aix-en-Provence, often shortened to "Aix", is dubbed as the "second Paris" and boasts a magnificient ancient-looking city centre dearly loved amongst tourists! 🥰 Obviously, she did not need much help accomodating to the Parisian way of life: she is essentially doing shopping and constantly amazed by the city's beautiful historical spots.📷

Let us all give her a warm welcome and wish her the best experience within the team! 👐

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