Looks Good Enough to Eat! The In’s and Out’s of Whipped Body Butter


No this is not a confection made in the kitchen, although our whipped body butter is delectable; this newest addition is your skin savior  for the summer season. 

Whipped body butter? That either sounds like something that goes on top of a cupcake, or spread on a slice of toast. You would be wrong on both, our body is whipped to perfection in order to provide a lightweight and airy texture for optimal moisture without all the sticky and greasy mess. 

Let's break it down; What is so special about the whipped texture? Not only is it fun and of course physically appealing on its own, it does provide a few other properties that make it a standout in our moisturizing routine. The texture leaves it light enough to apply to skin as a moisturizing layer, or on top of lotion to provide an extra surge when needed. 

The best part of a whipped body butter is its ability to emulsify and melt into the skin without harsh pulling and tugging. The light texture helps the fatty acids and essential moisturizing components to spread quickly and evenly on the skin. Along with the ease, the light texture allows it to be used in multiple places on the body without being too rich and heavy. 

Okay, so how do we use it? Just like a regular moisturizer? Of course

Keep it simple ; Hydrating Body lotion

Need a little extra love and moisture to the skin? Try using it simply as a post shower hydrating balm. Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial in the warmer months with oncoming skin damage, or if you're in cooler high altitude climates keeping moisture locked in is important. 

Always remember to keep skin semi damp before applying, and allow at least 2-5 minutes for the product to soak in before throwing on clothes.

Want an extra boost to problem areas? Have dry knees or elbows apply one of our lotions and allow it to soak into the skin. Then layer some extra love with the Whipped body butter on problem dry areas!

Mini Spa Day: Use it as a Treatment

So your skin is glowing but your hands and feet are suffering a little; no worries! Use the whipped body butter as a treatment for dry feet and heels. Apply a thick layer of the product all over your feet.

After applying a generous amount, put on a pair of thick cozy socks and allow the product to soak in overnight. Wake up to smooth and soft feet. 

An alternative to this could also be applying some to your cuticles. Allowing the product to soak in can nourish the base of your nails. 

So what's the big deal about our whipped body butter?

Like all of our products out this product is Vegan and cruelty-free, meaning no animals were harmed or tested on during the creation of this product. 

The body butter  is made with 98.1% natural ingredients. We cut out all the unnecessary stuff! Keeping it simple is our goal! That means it is sensitive skin friendly and still provides great results!

So stop and take some time to smell the roses, enjoy our newest item in the Mademoiselle Provence family.

Take a little piece of Provence with you.

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