Mademoiselle Provence x Valentine’s Day

Have you landed on our site and don’t know where to start? What should you give your Valentine? Or, Galentine? 


Here’s a guide:


To show them you care:

We suggest the Lavender & Angelica collection for this particular person. Are they feeling stressed, overwhelmed? Go above and beyond the flowers that die within a week or the chocolates that are eaten after a couple hours - give them the gift of relaxation in a bottle straight from Provence, France. This natural, plant-based, body lotion will have your gift-recipient feeling appreciated and noticed for all of their hard work. 


To send a socially-distanced hug:

Can’t give them a hug this year? Our Almond & Orange Blossom collections’ timeless recipe for sensitive skin is sure to make them feel the cozy embrace of your bear hug. This natural lotion is particularly great at nourishing sensitive skin, ergo perfect for the cautious human you love - socially distanced and thoughtful. 


For that person who needs some excitement:

Looking to give them the sense of summer this year? It’s cold, it’s February, the only thing warm about this month is Valentine's day. Why not share the feeling of a fresh summer day in southern France via our Lemon & Verbena lotion collection. Inspired by one of France’s favorite summer-time drinks, this natural lotion is sure to send your loved ones' senses to the south of France! 


For your love:

We’re sure Roses are already on the list - but instead of in a bouquet, maybe try gifting them in a bottle? Or both… better off getting both. The delicate scent of our Rose & Peony collection sends you straight to heaven. Tell them you love them with locally sourced roses in one hand and French roses in another. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 


Happy Gift Hunting :) 



Les Femmes de Mademoiselle Provence

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