New Years Resolution 2-Week Check-In

We’re (already) two weeks into the new year, and we’re sure that all of your new year's resolutions have something to do with regularly applying natural French body lotion after every shower and keeping up with moisturizing hand creams to combat the overuse of hand sanitizer, right?! Knew it.

Anyways, let’s check in with our team and see how they’re doing on their new year's resolutions! 




  1. Start yoga & meditation
  2. Start exercising again (need to get back into shape for my wedding)
  3. Read more 
  4. Accepting my curly hair journey


  1. Still looking for a private yoga/meditation coach
  2. I am doing an on and off on exercising. I am having a hard time to commit
  3. I downloaded one book last week on my Ipad. I hope this counts!
  4. I’ve got this on the roll! I am embracing my curly hair journey!



Resolution -

  1. To not make a resolution I can’t keep :)
  2. Scream less, speak less loud! Not easy for me in general... especially with little twin devils around :)
  3. Read more 
  4. Save Money 


  1. Done :) 
  2. Doing better like... 20 min per day ;)
  3. Downloaded 6 books on audible (does that count?) and started Become by Michelle Obama (thank you Chloe who gave me the book)
  4. Decreased my bank overdraft a little bit, it’s a start ! 




  1. Drink 64oz of water/day. 
  2. Workout 4x a week. 
  3. Have less screen time.
  4. Moisturize after every shower (with Mademoiselle Provence). 


  1. I would say I get a solid 50 oz per day. 
  2. Workouts are more like 3x a week. 
  3. Screen time… well, let’s say I can definitely do better on that! 
  4. That one is easy, done done and done!  :) 




  1. Stop Smoking
  2. Admit I am not Wonder Women: start asking for support and help when needed!
  3. Start watching TV! I never do!
  4. Schedule and control less...


  1. Done! I still miss it but I will not fail again… :) 
  2. Already booked friends and family for some help at home!
  3. Well, Netflix is just AMAZING!
  4. Now that I have more time without smoking, and also with my family and friends’ support -  schedule less my house meals and activities.. Just going with the flow! 


Nice to know that no one's perfect!

How are your resolutions going?


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