September: Self-Improvement Month

Tomorrow marks the first day of Self-Improvement Month!

Why September? Well, it is the end of one era (summer) and the start of a new one (fall). Leaving us with a time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished thus far, to then identify which goals to strive towards. Although this year has been extremely difficult for most of us, we’d like to encourage you to not dwell in the past, embrace your now, and prepare for the future. 

Even though we're not exactly qualified to help you succeed in your business goals, we can definitely help you achieve your #skingoals and help you feel better about your skin!

Whether it’s gently exfoliating with our natural scrub, lathering in our body washes, or nourishing your skin with our body/hand lotions… we are over-qualified in making you feel better. 

Here are some of our personal favorite goals for self-improvement this month :

  1. Exfoliate 2x a week to promote a natural glow. (We suggest in the morning, our skin repairs itself at night, so the morning is a better time to rid yourself of dead skin cells)
  2. Apply hand lotion after washing them (yes, everytime!) to combat premature signs of aging! 
  3. Apply body lotion immediately after bathing when the skin is still slightly damp, trust us. 
  4. Get 8 hours of sleep.

We’d love to hear your favorite self-improvement routines! Please leave us a comment!

Cheers to a new era & a new you.


Les femmes de Mademoiselle Provence 

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