Summer Ready Skin


Everyone has seen the rise in skincare. With glamorous Tik Toks and videos of routines and product recommendations how do you keep up? Face routines have become the new trend, and yet we tend to overlook body care. 

Purchasing the newest lotions, serums and eye creams are nice and yet we may neglect products for our body. Your skin is the biggest organ, it's not just on your face and neck. Similar to the barrier on your face, your body has a microbiome and a moisture barrier that has to be maintained for healthy skin.

With summer right around the corner, skin can be exposed in many different elements. Elements like increased sun exposure, dirt and sweat, and increased heat; our barrier can suffer greatly. 

So how do you get summer ready skin? We will provide a simple and natural skincare guide to help refresh your skin for the upcoming warmer months. 

Step 1: Start with a good body wash 

Raise your hand if you ever grew up using bar soap? No shame in it, but it is very stripping to the skin. Having a gentle wash that helps clean  sweat and dirt without drastically drying out your skin is important. 

We already know that proper skin cleansing is the key to maintaining skin health. And this daily practice becomes more of a necessity in the summertime. 

Why? That is because you are more likely exposing more skin to dirt outdoors. A combination of sweat and dirt can drastically clog pores and can make skin look dull.

It's important to have a gentle and effective body wash. This can help with cleanliness and smell while also not stripping too many oils from the skin, keeping it glowy, hydrated and non irritated. 

 If you want a gentle soap that is still effective try our organic Sweet Almond and Orange Blossom body wash, made with natural ingredients and formulated for sensitive skin. Gentle and effective for removing dirt.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Routine exfoliation helps remove the top layer of skin. This process can remove dead skin and assist in diminishing flaws, uneven texture and in turn reveal bright and smoother skin complexion.

Exfoliation daily can also assist in promoting better absorption of body care. Skin that is regularly turning over and being assisted in that process will absorb products better. 

Products like lotions, sunscreen and body oil can better penetrate the skin, helping with locking in more moisture and sun protection.

Exfoliators such as a physical scrub or a brush can both be good options. When buying a brush make sure that it is easy to hang and allow it to dry out, like a wooden scrubber. If you are acne prone or going  the anti-bacterial route go for a silicone scrubber. 

Step 3: Lock in Moisture

Right after showering, be sure to pat dry. Many even stress leaving residual water on the skin to help seal in moisture. 

Try to use a gentle and hydrating moisturizer. While many on the market can have fragrance, and other elements added to seem more appealing; the best way to take care of your skin is simple and natural ingredients to nourish it. 

Apply a generous amount of lotion and work into the body after getting out of the shower to immediately lock in hydration. If needed apply thicker shea butter, or a balm to help with drier areas. 

For a natural non irritating formula we suggest any of our lotions in a variety of scents from calming Lavender Angelica, to citrusy Lemon Verbena, Rose and Peony and the classic Sweet Almond and Orange Blossom. Non irritating and great for sensitive skin. 

Do not neglect feet, stomach or hands!

While we all enjoy summer don't worry you don't have to keep yourself sequestered away during the warmer months. A simple routine and your skin will be healthy and happy for the upcoming summer. 

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