We're not like the other girls...

It’s no secret that we sell skin care products - but what makes us different? Like truly, really, fundamentally different than all the other products you see on the virtual store shelves. Well, let us explain. 


First and foremost - we are French. The French have been known for their beauty expertise and quality for eons. Look it up, you’ll see. There’s no fooling that the French people (especially the women, wink wink) know what they’re doing when it comes to beauty. Some of the most successful beauty brands are French! Examples are L’Occitane, Lancome, L’Oreal,  La Roche-Posay, Avene, Caudalie, the list goes on. The point is, what you squeeze out of our bottles is the product of hundreds of years of experience. So, when we tell you we’re French we say it with pride and you should hear it with assurance that what you get is top quality. 


Secondly, we are clean, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. Yeah, yeah, so are a lot of other people. But we’d like to formally, in writing, promise you that we are everything our label promises you. It is true that some of our products are ‘more natural’ than the others, nonetheless everything is made with the purest of extracts and with a whole lotta love. Also, although we haven’t reached 100% sustainability we are surely on our way! Soon enough we’ll be rolling out new packaging that is better for the planet and therefore, better for you too. We’re super excited about it. Not to mention, we’re also proud members of 1% for the Planet! 


Thirdly, we’re affordable. Remember the list of brands I mentioned before - look up their prices. We offer almost the exact same product at fractions of the cost... and more often than not we’re also double the quantity! This is because of one of our fundamental beliefs: clean, quality, French beauty should be accessible to everyone, period. Moreover, our products are made for every skin type and tone. On that note, our company is run by two co-founders: Chloe and Helene. These two women couldn’t be more different... from their looks to what they like to do for fun. However, they share the same passion for clean, accessible beauty… and the love of drinking Provencal rose on a beach. They are real women who are determined to establish this brand for all people, regardless of their color, size, belief, etc.


All in all, if you remember one thing we are French, clean, and affordable. We are operated by a group of four women located in both France and Florida. We are inclusive, diverse, progressive. Most importantly, we are for everyone and that includes you



Hope this helps. 



Les Femmes de Mademoiselle Provence

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