Which gift should you get Mom?

We can understand how difficult gifting can be - however, we don’t want you to worry too much. We have created a Mademoiselle Provence Gift Set Gift Guide... Try saying that 5x fast, whew! Anyways, back to the point -- we offer 6 gift sets and here is the type of mom we think they’d be perfect for. By the way, before we begin we should mention that all of our lotions are plant-based, natural, made with the purest ingredients in the south of France, vegan, cruelty-free, pH balanced, tested by dermatologists and of course - created with love. 

 1. The Mompreneur

Whenever you call her she’s probably taking care of the kids, keeping up with her 40+ hour work-week, while also getting a work out in. She simply never stops. We suggest you give her our Lavender & Almond Hand Cream Gift Set Duo. The lavender hand cream will help instill some peace in her hectic life and she can feel comfortable using the almond one on the kids to keep their skin nourished after applying loads of hand sanitizer. It’s a win-win.

2. The One Who’s Always Having a Spa Day

Ah yes, the woman who regularly has a glass of wine in her hand and a drawn bath. She is always ready to sink into a good book, turn on her air diffuser, and prioritize her mental and physical health -- #goals. To complement this lifestyle, we suggest our Lavender Collection Gift Set featuring our full-sized lavender body lotion and hand cream. Our natural, made-in-France lotions are sure to make her self-care moments feel even more sophisticated and make her feel closer to the French riviera.

3. The Mom With Toddlers Running Around the House (3+ years old)

She’s been doing this for a while because she has a 3 and 4 year old… and another on the way. Keeping up with her skincare routine has been rough and trying to make sure that her kids skin stay hydrated too has become #complicated. Well, we’re happy to share our simple solution: The Almond Collection gift set. This deluxe gift set is specially designed for sensitive skin and safe for kids ages 3+ to use. So why not buy her something that she can not only use for herself but also share with those she loves the most? 

4. The Mom Who Just Got Back in the Dating Game

She’s finally ready - finally! And we are all so excited for her to get back out there, but she needs an extra spice of confidence. Something to bring back the radiance in her skin and to have her delicately perfumed all day and night long. That’s easy - the Rose and Peony Collection Gift Set. This gift set features our full-sized Rose and Peony body lotion and hand cream. This mom will be delighted to use this moisturizer before her first date AND bring the hand cream along just in case she missed a spot. 

5. The Living Her Best Life Mom

Oh where is she now? Who knows! This momma is living her best life and doesn’t have time to get lost in the details. That is why she pretty much NEEDS the Lavender and Rose Duo Hand Cream Gift Set. She can easily throw one in her carry-on and can keep up with beautiful skin no matter how long the flight is. Not to mention, the Lavender hand cream is perfect to keep her relaxed and the rose is great for that little extra beauty kick she needs when she’s out exploring the town. Tell her you’re proud of her endeavors and that you care with this little piece of France! 

6. The Mom Who Needs Some Extra Love 

Lastly, the mom who has been a little down on her luck. We all know how rough this past year has been and sometimes moms just need to be reminded how much you love them. Tell her you love her and that you care with our Rose and Almond Duo Hand Cream Gift Set. Our roses and peonies last longer than the ones you buy at a florist and our sensitive/ delicately sweet almond and orange blossoms will make mom feel appreciated. Let her know that these products have been made especially with her in mind and she’ll be over the moon - we promise! 


Hope this helps. 



Les Femmes de Mademoiselle Provence

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