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"Pamper Yourself With Mademoiselle Provence" Jodi Truglio

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"Here are 4 scrub ingredients that caught the attention of Cosmetics Design at this year's IBE NY event: Body care brand Mademoiselle Provence, launched at the start of the year. The brand's Exfoliating & Revitalizing Body Scrub is made with olive pits, Helene Marceau and Chloe Mortaud, the brand's co-founders, tell Cosmetics Design. And, it's the olive pit bits that provide the exfoliating action." Deanna Utroske

Co-founder Chloe Mortaud introduces Mademoiselle Provence to the Class Project TV - Luxury with a purpose.

Vegas magazine - Mademoiselle Provence

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The former Miss France – now a multitasking TV host, publicist, wife, mom and (literal) model Vegas citizen – is bringing sought-after French beauty secrets stateside with the 2018 launch of Mademoiselle Provence, a line of all-natural skincare products that manages the seemingly impossible: creating luxury out of simplicity.

Vegas magazine - Mademoiselle Provence

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"Who: Cofounder of Mademoiselle Provence, a newly launched French natural beauty care brand; cofounder of Les Bonnes Fees, a French charity that helps women and children in need; publicist for Exotics Racing, TV host, former Miss France."


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