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"Moisturize your feet and lower legs with a rich lotion, like the Mademoiselle Provence Natural French Lavender Body Lotion" Jessica Harrington

"Damn, what a journey my American Dream has been!" Chloe Mortaud

"Everything your need to make single awareness day sensational"

"Body Lotions For Winter Skin" Elissa Anderson

"Pamper Yourself With Mademoiselle Provence" Jodi Truglio

"10 Innovative Indie Beauty Brands To Watch This Fall" Megan Decker

"Here are 4 scrub ingredients that caught the attention of Cosmetics Design at this year's IBE NY event: Body care brand Mademoiselle Provence, launched at the start of the year. The brand's Exfoliating & Revitalizing Body Scrub is made with olive pits, Helene Marceau and Chloe Mortaud, the brand's co-founders, tell Cosmetics Design. And, it's the olive pit bits that provide the exfoliating action." Deanna Utroske

Co-founder Chloe Mortaud introduces Mademoiselle Provence to the Class Project TV - Luxury with a purpose.

Vegas magazine - Mademoiselle Provence

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The former Miss France – now a multitasking TV host, publicist, wife, mom and (literal) model Vegas citizen – is bringing sought-after French beauty secrets stateside with the 2018 launch of Mademoiselle Provence, a line of all-natural skincare products that manages the seemingly impossible: creating luxury out of simplicity.

Vegas magazine - Mademoiselle Provence

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"Who: Cofounder of Mademoiselle Provence, a newly launched French natural beauty care brand; cofounder of Les Bonnes Fees, a French charity that helps women and children in need; publicist for Exotics Racing, TV host, former Miss France."


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